Testimonials: Satisfied Customers Speak

The plumber (Clay) came at the time promised, calling ahead that he was on his way. He assessed the leakage problem, shut off the water to the house, drained the system, removed the defective pipe, replaced it with copper (and brass) fittings, tightened a fitting that came loose in the process of removing the defective pipe section, sweated on the new pipe, and cleaned the flux from sweated-on section. Beautiful job, quickly and professionally done.

— Gordon H., Web Review – Aug. 2015

Plumber scheduled more quickly than I anticipated, came on time and did the work professionally. One part of the job was replacing a toilet, and the new one had a small leak where the tank is attached. The company sent the plumber back promptly and he retightened nuts that solved the problem. No fuss, no hassle about coming back. No extra charge for Saturday service, by the way.

— Alan B., Web Review – Apr. 2015

I am a realtor and needed some specific information about a water pressure issue and some other related info. I explained my senario to the gentleman and he gave me clear and precise info. My client did not need to use a plumber in the end, but i so appreciated being able to talk to a live person that was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely call these guys when I’m in need of a plumber.

— Tracey T., Web Review – Apr. 2015

We had a leak somewhere in the house which we could see from our family room ceiling. Joel came out and searched all over to locate the source of the leak. He was very persistent and did his best to minimize the damage to the house in trying to find it. In the end he located it in a supply line from our upstairs laundry room. He fixed the leak very professionally and assured me we would no longer have any problems from the leak. He got me hooked up with a water damage expert right away to help insure we wouldn’t have a mold problem because of the moisture inside the walls.

— Davina D., Web Review – Nov. 2014

We had a new hot water heater installed. We had a complicated old system, with a holding tank and instant hot water lines. Over the years, we had other plumbing services look at the system, none of them appeared to truly understand what we had. Kennedy Plumbing understood immediately. They were timely and efficient.

— Mary M., Web Review – Dec. 2013

My very expensive Toto Toilets run….now how sad is that? But, the boys at Kennedy installed some new parts and we are good. I love these guys…they have been great and responsive to me and my plumbing issues.

— JoAnn E., Web Review – Feb. 2014

My husband and I had a great experience with Kennedy. While doing some major yard work we accidentally nicked our city water line, on a Saturday night of course. The city turned off our water and Kennedy was able to come out the next morning, thank goodness. The line was fixed in under two hours and we were good to go. Definitely recommend this company.

— Alicia F., Google Review – a year ago

Seriously great service! They were at my house in less than an hour after I had phoned and had us all fixed up in less than an hour! They were friendly and perfect! Fair pricing too. Very happy customer here.

— Glenda T., Yelp – Jan 2013

My exterior faucet got frost damaged. I didn’t know because that one is not used often. When I decided to do some pressure washing that faucet was the one closer to the job. The faucet leaked into the walls and out of the garage… what a mess. I called Kennedy Plumbing, Clay was available and came to my house in less than an hour. He fixed my exterior faucet.

Clay found out I did not know how to turn off the water to my house, so he took the time to show me how to turn off the water both in the pump house and in the house in case I should ever need to know again. When Clay took out the broken faucet he showed me how it works and why it only leaked when actually in use. He also explained to me that the water travels through the walls and that the two rooms next to the garage should be checked for water damage as well.

I definitely will call Kennedy Plumbing again for my plumbing needs. Clay is fast, professional and helpful

— Lynn F., Web Review – Jun. 2014

Replaced 50 gallon leaking water heater with new 50 gallon water heater. I called in the morning around 9 and was able to be scheduled right away due to a cancellation. Clay arrived around 11. The work went very well. He routed the drain pipe to the outside for us, so if there is a problem the water will go outside instead of all over the garage. He cleaned up any trace of the work.

— Linda K., Web review – July 2014

We used them. They came in for general plumbing, some faucets that were leaking, toilet repairs, those kinds of things. They came very highly recommended from the home owners association. They’ve been an Angie’s List member for quite some time and have a great rating. They are just really very honest and a very upfront company to deal with.

— Cindy B., Web Review – Nov. 2014

They repaired a shower valves and installed one. The guy was really good and he was quick. They are an old company and with a whole lot of workers. They stand behind their work. They don’t charge a lot more. His charge was in line with the estimate. He knew how long it would take. The work turned out to be great. He had to do a bunch of welding in the wood. He didn’t burn it. He was really polite and knowledgeable.

— George S., Web Review – Dec. 2014

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the excellent service I recently received by your staff. No one likes to have a plumbing problem least of all around the holidays but this is what happened to my family last week.

On the night before Thanksgiving, my wife and I heard the sound of water rushing. Upon looking in the crawl space, we saw water coming from the seam around the service line where the cement flooring meets the foundation. I immediately called your office at around 9:00 PM and spoke with Cliff, who demonstrated a great deal of patience while I explained the problem. Cliff and I spent a significant amount of time on the phone discussing the problem and coming up with a solution which I could live with. Cliff additionally made thoughtful suggestions on how my family could get by until he could come out on the day after Thanksgiving to further assess the problem.

Cliff was at my house early on the day after as promised and wasted little time addressing the problem. He summoned your estimator, Roy, who immediately began the process of arranging to take care of the problem as soon as possible. In talking with both men, I was struck by their knowledge and put at ease by their genuineness.

I was further thoroughly impressed by Jorge, who actually performed the work today along with his apprentice Lars. Jorge patiently answered my many questions and calmly explained to me what he was doing all along the way, reassuring me that we would not have to wait another day to get our water back. He was right! During the whole process, I was struck by Jorge’s professionalism, outing work effort, and by the fine quality of his work.

I am glad I called Kennedy Plumbing to fix our problem and thankful to the high quality of your personnel which made this ordeal much more manageable. I will not hesitate to call upon your company in the future for my plumbing needs and will confidently recommend your outfit to my friends and neighbors.

— John C., Personal Letter: 12/1/08

We love Kennedy Plumbing; we think they are wonderful. They have taken care of a lot of problems at our house, where we’ve lived for 20 years now. They have always done wonderful work for us. They have been very prompt. Their prices are reasonable. Once, when the bath tub spout broke, the water was flowing through the ceiling. They came out and put in a new bidet in the bath tub. In terms of pricing, Kennedy Plumbing has always been competitive. Even if they were expensive, we’d call them anyway because they are so good and reliable. We’ve stayed in this area for a long time and we’ve never heard anyone complain about their service. We’ve had plenty of contractors and sub-contractors before, who have been horrible. However, Kennedy Plumbing is really great. They are the only people that we call for plumbing work.

— Ron M., 9/29/2009

They were wonderful and they came on time. They knew what they were doing. It was a very positive experience.

— Bonnie O., 10/28/2009

I called them on New Year’s Day and George answered the call. When he heard that I had an emergency, he reprioritized his workload and came over right away. He assessed the situation promptly and got everything under control. He helped me get the best sump pump product for my home, and did a great job installing it. He was honest and professional and his recommendations saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend their service.

— Glenys R., 1/1/2010