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Leak Repairs

Leaking pipes can quickly cause a lot of damage to your property, they can even lead to extreme health hazards. If you suspect you have a leak, you should address these immediately.

Some leaks are extremely obvious, such as water leaking through your ceiling, or flooding a basement. But, others are more hidden, a leak in the crawlspace or under a toilet can easily go unnoticed, leading to big repairs or damage. When water and wood of sheetrock mix, there is always a possibility of wood rotting or mold growing.

Even minor leaks that cause no damage can end up leaving you with thousands of unnecessary gallons of water that you are paying for on your water bill.

When drain piping leaks there is frequently either food or bodily waste involved, so on top of the water damage you now also have foul odors and a waste cleanup.

If you suspect you have a leak or have any concerns about leaking pipes, call Kennedy Plumbing. Our licensed Journeyman Plumbers can diagnose, repair or replace you leaking pipes.

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