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Toilet Repair or Replacement

The average person visits the toilet six to eight times a day or about 2,500 times a year. Toilet failures are the second leading source of residential water losses, after plumbing supply line failures. And according it a nationwide survey of insurance companies, damage caused by toilet failures cost an average of $5,584 per incident, after the deductible was paid. So when there is a problem with your toilet it becomes a big problem quickly.

Common Toilet Problems:

  • Clogs – These can be caused by a poorly function toilet, by improper use of the toilet or indicate a severe problem with the drain system.
  • New and unusual noises – possible indication of worn parts and/or change in water pressure.
  • “Phantom” flushing – One sign of worn parts is when your toilet flushes by itself.
  • Water or staining at the base of toilet – This can indicate that the wax seal has failed.

When should you consider replacing your toilet?
If the toilet constantly needs lots of repairs – these repairs are costly and a new toilet may eliminate them for a long time.

If the toilet is frequently getting clogged – Many of the older low flush toilets did not work as well as most of the newer high efficiency toilets. Toilet design has come a long ways in recent years.

Cracks or scratches – These cannot be repaired. A crack can also indicate that a failure is imminent, these types of failures can cause a lot of damage.

You want to save water – Toilets built before 1982 typically used 3.5 gallons each flush. Toilets made between 1982 and 1994 used 2.5 gallons per flush. Most new toilets flush better and only use 1.28 gallons each flush.

If you have any concerns about your existing toilet or would like you old toilet replaced call Kennedy Plumbing. Our licensed Journeyman Plumbers can diagnosis, repair or replace toilet.

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