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Garbage Disposals


  • Do run a strong flow of water while grinding.
  • Do run water for at least 30 seconds after out of the disposal.
  • Do run the disposal each time waste is put in.
  • Do use small batches, disposing of large amounts, especially starchy foods (i.e. potato peels, rice, pasta, etc.).
  • Do cut fibrous foods into small pieces before grinding (i.e. cabbage, asparagus, banana peels, etc.).
  • Do run disposal with ice and/or citrus peel to clean and deodorize as needed.


  • Do not grind bones, shells, or very fibrous things (i.e. artichokes, corn cobs or corn husks)
  • Do not stuff with large amounts of food at one time.

If the garbage disposal doesn’t work?

  1. If the disposal makes no noise when you turn it on, this is frequently an indication that the disposal was jammed and the current overload was tripped.
    1. Locate and press the reset button (located on the bottom of most units), then check for a jam before turning on.
    2. If still no noise, check breaker in electrical panel, reset, then check for a jam before turning on.
  2. If it makes a buzzing noise but doesn’t operate, turn the unit off.
    1. Look inside and see if there is a spoon or other object inside and needs to be dislodged.
    2. Before putting your hand or tools into the disposal, unplug it or turn off the breaker in the electrical panel.
    3. If this doesn’t work, call a plumber.