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Plumbing Permits

A plumbing permit is required to do the following:

  • replace water heaters, alter piping inside a wall or ceiling, or beneath a floor, and for plumbing in all new installations.
  • emergency repair, alteration, or replacement of freeze-damaged or leaking concealed piping, if new piping exceeds 3 feet.
  • remodel or add on to your one- or two-family dwelling when existing plumbing is to be relocated. This includes installation of building sewers, water service, and exterior rain drains.

Homeowners or contractors must apply for a permit at the building department that has jurisdiction over the city or county in which the construction work will be performed. To find a jurisdiction, call the nearest city hall, give the address of the construction project or installation, and ask what building jurisdiction to contact for a permit. Be sure to mention your address and the type of work you are planning.

Another great resource is Permits Protect.