Service Hours 8–6 Daily
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Service Calls

Before You Call for Service:

  • Make a list of plumbing problems.
  • Try to reproduce the problem – it’s always frustrating if the problem doesn’t happen when the plumber arrives.
  • Locate any of the original paperwork to help identify the model and part numbers.
  • Group plumbing problems together and make one call.

When Calling for Service:

  • Tell them, to the best of your knowledge, exactly what’s wrong when you talk to him on the telephone.
  • If the toilet is leaking, tell him it’s the toilet. If it’s the bathroom sink, don’t merely say that “there’s a leak in the bathroom” and expect him to tell you what to do until he gets there.
  • There are thousands of brands and tens of thousands of different parts, the plumber can’t be expected to carry them all. So, provide as much information as you can (i.e., size, part, model numbers and previous history etc.).

Before the Plumber Arrives:

  • Remove or restrain large pets from area.
  • Empty cabinets and sinks where work is to be performed.
  • Clear a path to water heater or crawl space entrance.

After the Plumber Arrives:

  • Explain what you see as the problem and everything that has been done previously. This will speed the work and lower your plumbing bill.

Before the Plumber Leaves:

  • Inspect the work to ensure what you expected was done.
  • Ask questions about this or future projects.